What started off as a school assignment turned into something real. In October 2020 we got a brief from Johan Pihl and Mathias Wikström from Doconomy. The brief was to pick one of the UN's sustainable development goals (SDG) and come up with a commercial product intended to contribute to the chosen topic. ​​​​​​​
Me, Carl Almquist and Herman Wistrand decided to go for SDG 14: Life Below Water and wanted to create the world's first beer made from Baltic Sea water. By creating a product from the problem itself, we wanted to raise awareness about the problems in the sea but at the same time showing there’s hope. We pitched our idea to Stallhagen Brewery on Åland and the NGO Baltic Sea Action Group who both really liked our idea.
In October 2021, one year later after we got the brief, Baltic Brew was born. A crispy and dry pilsner brewed with one percent desalinated water from the Baltic Sea. Why one percent? Well, even though 70% of the planet’s surface is covered with water, only one percent of that water is easily accessible fresh water. We wanted to be as sustainable as we could in the development of the beer. 
Stallhagen is going to donate money to the Baltic Sea Action Group and their work to restore the quality of the water and the ecological balance in the Baltic Sea. At the same time there's a fundraising to contribute even more. The total amount is not official yet as the project is still ongoing.
Baltic Brew was released in October 2021 in Sweden, Åland and Finland and the rest is future. You can read more about the beer and the project on Stallhagen, Beernews and Resumé.